Renewable Energy is clean and cheap – what is stopping us?


Windmills outside Glasgow

Renewable Energy … Clean, cheap – what is stopping us?

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3 thoughts on “Renewable Energy is clean and cheap – what is stopping us?

  1. Renewable energy systems should be designed with service in mind.
    companies leave this up to the customer once a sale is closed. Sometimes wind farm owners cut corners on servicing and as a result these wind turbines have more failures, less production, and less reliability.
    The aspect about servicing that may not be apparent is that at a core level servicing renewable energy systems is better for our society.
    Every time a wind farm is built with servicing in mind, countless families now have a steady source of income for decades to come (not to mention thousands of homes now have a guaranteed source of power even if it is intermittent).

  2. perhaps the current VAWT technical solution ( heavy moving parts at 80-100 meters high may be too problematic)
    I bring to your attention the following solution:
    Use of INDIRECT wind:
    for example: when you leave two doors open in a building , results a current that slams them.

    we use a semi opened airfoil top mounted on a 300 feet tall , 150 feet diam. tower , with openings on the top and at the bottom of the tower .
    due to major air speed difference between the two zones , bernoulli principle kicks in , resulting in an air current between top and bottom .
    we place the turbines at GROUND LEVEL where air velocity hits the highest.

    now , according to my calculations it is not as efficient as VAWT nor HAWT (wait for feedback here ) but all moving parts are at ground level out of danger .
    the installed power can reach 25 MW ( acc. to my calculations).

    wait for a feedback.

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