16th National Photovoltaic-Congress at the Kursaal, Berne, Switzerland, 2nd day about architecturally integrated PV

Varied and interesting Exhibition and Conferences on the second day about: BIPV (Building Integrated PhotoVoltaics). 1.Dr. Niklaus Haller, Solar BS2 Ltd., Schlieren, spoke about Elegant Solar Houses, which were conceived and elaborated by a group of students at the ETH, Zurich. Dr. Haller hopes, that we arrive at a deeper interrogation, understanding  and solutions of the challenges to overcome in relation to architectural integration of BIPV. 2. Prof. Dr. Stephen Wittkopf, Vice-president Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts for Technology and Architecture  HSLU and Managing director ÜserHuus Ltd (Technology Transfer) spoke about Architectural Ennoblement of Photovoltaics in the Building Integration. Colour and surface/texture of BIPV glass for Architecturally Integrated Photovoltaics,  AIPV instead of BIPV, He explained this topic, which is extremely important for Switzerland, with a number of pilot as models of architectural use of coloured photovoltaics, projects which he planned and built together with ÜserHuus Blog., in order to bring the research results to the market. #. Dr. Reto Camponovo, professor at the Geneva University of landscaping, engineering and architecture HEPIA, spoke about  the Balance between the Protection of Heritage  and Solar Energy Potential.  Based on the study of Carouge, Geneva, chosen as a representative town in Switzerland, he explained the importance of the rise in using solar energy as thermal  and/or photovoltaics in cities and how to preserve the built heritage  and landscape of the country.  4. Mrs. Karoline Fath, project engineer at Ed. Züblin Ltd, Stuttgart, Germany, explained the importance of BIM (Building Information Modeling) in the light of the double complexity by using BIPV or rather AIPV as the building skin. 5. Mr. Iwan Thür, CEO GFT Fassaden Ltd, St. Gall, explained the challenges about mounting systems with their underlying construction for AIPV in the facade, how to make them invisible to the eye, but stable and safe as building skin: A Glass Facade which Produces Energy. 

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ZKS Foundation, JR Partners and ÜserHuus

ZKS Foundation, Geneva Top Research Funding Medieval Studies Environmental Engineering Digital Humanities JR Partners' Tigh Grian Project: Affordable Sustainable Housing for EveryOne ÜserHuus AG, Hergiswil: Technology Transfer from University to Industry in BIPV roofs and facades

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