ÜserHuus AG, Hergiswil, Switzerland, has been created by Jacqueline Schindler and Robert Cowie (www.jrpartners.co.uk) in October 2013 for technology transfer from University Research to Industrial Application. Our first project for building homes with better energy efficiency Tigh Grian (the Resource Efficient House at the BRE Innovation Park, Ravenscraig) has been followed by two semi-detached houses ÜserHuus/Tigh Grian by JR Partners at the BRE Innovation Park, Watford, in September 2015, showcasing more energy efficient roofing/cladding materials and other new features in cooperation with CSEM, Neuchatel, NexPower, Taichung, and Solmatix Renewables/EDM Spanwall from Northern Ireland. Our affiliate Tigh Grian Ltd, Dunfermline, finished building 48 eco-houses for Link HA on the former Alva academy site designed by MDM Architects, Alloa, monitored by Napier University, Edinburgh. Different projects in Scotland are being evaluated at the moment.

ÜserHuus has finished different projects in Switzerland: one involved the cladding an entire apartment house with sandblasted thin film modules (certification), another re-roofing a farmhouse in Fribourg  with BIPV manufactured by  ISSOL, Disons-Liège, Belgium.  ÜserHuus has also successfully installed BIPV Steles (representing greek goddesses and columns) at its own premises in Hergiswil with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts’  latest coloured BIPV technology to showcase BIPV as architecturally integrated part of the property. ÜserHuus had also re-roofed its carport with NexPower’s terra cotta thin film generation 2s which has already inspired other potential customers. Its project underway is applying BIPV facade  elements at the show-houses at BRE Watford showcasing different colours together with Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and a Swiss BIPV installation engineer.

Jacqueline Schindler, President and CEO ÜserHuus AG, Hergiswil, Switzerland, Director JR Partners, Kensington, UK

Robert Cowie, Director Tigh Grian Ltd, Dunfermline, and JR Partners, Kensington, UK

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