Ugly solar panels are now available as beautiful solar panels, article in the newspaper “20 Minuten” – Hässliche Solarpanels gibt es jetzt auch in Schön – Zentralschweiz

Architects don’t like solar panels because they look ugly. This is why the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts developed a procedure to make the look beautiful: They become pictures!

Source: 20 Minuten – Hässliche Solarpanels gibt es jetzt auch in Schön – Zentralschweiz

KALEO: Photographic Solar Panels illustrate the Future of BIPV, CSEM and BCN Event in the Gardens of the Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise (BCN), Neuchâtel, Switzerland

After introduction speeches from representatives of the BCN, Mario El-Khoury, CEO of CSEM, and Laurent Perret, photographer, about his photographic work in this context, the photographic solar panels were unveiled by the people whose portraits had been taken by Laurent Perret. Fantastic work by Kaleo, CSEM and BCN!

Inauguration of the “Swissness” PV facade at the UmweltArena, Spreitenbach, Switzerland

Dr. Stephen Wittkopf, professor at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts HSLU and managing director at ÜserHuus Ltd, and Walter Schmid, Walter Schmid Ltd, Kompogas Ltd and Umweltarena Ltd spoke the opening words for the inauguration of the “Swissness” PV facade, which was made possible by a cooperation of HSLU and several companies: ÜserHuus Ltd, Glas Trösch Ltd, BeNetz Ltd and Schweizer Metallbau Ltd. After photo shooting, one group enjoyed Stephen Wittkopf’s technical explanation while another group went on a tour around the Umweltarena’s exhibitions. Afterwards  all were invited for an aperitif and networking.

FLEXTRON June Newsletter

BIPVco’s module completes type qualification testing at TUV Rheinland

CIGS solar modules currently offer the highest sunlight to electricity conversion efficiency (14-17%) amongst the commercial thin film solar cell technologies. Commercial CdTe solar modules currently offer efficiencies of 9-13%, and amorphous silicon solar modules are typically 6-8%.

BIPVco’s latest generation of Flextron building integrated and mobile photovoltaic solutions have achieved IEC 61646:2008 and IEC 61730-2:2007 requirements for PV module design according to IEC 61730-1:2007 with all testing being carried out by TUV Rheinland.

The solar company’s newly designed and commissioned machinery is capable of handling thin film lamination processes in record time, enabling the company to operate at 7mw per annum capacity on a single shift. The new equipment was jointly designed and built by UK engineers provided by GCell in Newport.


Why it’s time for BIPV to hit the big time….


Through a series of mini-blogs, we explore how market conditions are now ripe for the widespread use of BIPV technology in roofing applications. This month we look at how the changing policy landscape in Europe is benefitting the BIPV market.

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Source: June Newsletter