The adventure of dismantling Tigh Grian’s Resource efficient House at former BRE, Ravenscraig, begins

Dismantling of pods and pods on lorries at former BRE Ravenscraig (photo Gordon Campbell)

Exciting News!!!

Lorries will transport the pods/modules of the REH (Resource Efficient House, built and opened in 2013 at the former BRE Innovation Park at Ravenscraig) from Ravenscraig to the CSIC (Construction Scotland Innovation Centre) , Blantyre, after having been dismantled by MJP Property Maintenance and their team. The house will be reconstructed in August 2021 on another site in the centre of Glasgow and with a lot of new features.

The REH by Tigh Grian Ltd, Glasgow, commissioned by Resource Efficient Scotland, was built to demonstrate resource efficient construction. Tigh Grian used modern methods of construction for its close to zero construction waste, for its affordability and reduction of fossile energy use, adding solar panels, an air to water heat-pump and a heat recovery system. Some other resource efficient features were added: grey water recovery, use of recycled materials; and easy access and living for disabled people. The REH was also built with the aim to be recyclable and recycled as a whole, which is what we are doing now. After the closure of the BRE Innovation Park, Ravenscraig, in the end of 2020, we are now dismantling the house, which will be carried into storage and then re-built in August.